September 8, 2011

Put the Camera Down!

It seems lately that anyone who can afford a camera insists that they are a photographer. *Disclaimer, this blog is not talking about anyone I know, so if you are a photographer or like taking pictures please do not take offense. This blog is mainly focusing on people who have no artistic ability whatsoever.

Today I am featuring a website called These are some of my favorites.

What kind of sick experiments are the government running now?

That's right, let's only remember the baby for his slobber.

This is a deleted scene from Escape to Witch Mountain

That's right folks, a rare baby picture of Pocahontas' grandma.

I guess you can call this a "shotgun wedding"; or a case of wife or death; or To some marriage is a word, to others-a sentence.

Obviously the rose represents a deep-seated love between two chairs.

Believe it or not, this is an ad for a photography company...

And finally, this blog would not do bad photography justice without some pregnancy photos:

It is very admirable of this woman to love this man even though he is a only a pair of arms.

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