April 1, 2013

What is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow? (85-91)

b>Day 85

Every teacher and assistant has their name over their classroom door. After working here for over two months, my name is finally up in ink!

Day 86
< This picture was taken on Sunday, but it still applies. The preschool choir practiced singing on stage for when they open the service on Easter. They said they were going to get stage fright and I said to make a funny face before they go on. I always think fondly of the children's ministry at the church we attended when I was a kid. It was so well organized and I loved the teachers. I hope I can help create fond memories with the kids I work with, whatever church I may be at. Day 87
< The eighth grade had cheerleading tryouts for next year. They have tryouts before judges and then the eighth grade body. Our class had a lot of fun watching the potential cheerleaders and I am pretty sure a lot of new crushes were developed today. Oh, in case you were wondering, cheerleader moms are even more intense than the coaches. YIKES! Day 88
< We originally had today off, but because MISD had a "rain day" it ended up being just an early release. By the way, you did not read that wrong. When you live out in the desert,the whole town gets flooded after half an inch of rain. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and ambushed the school's security officer with confetti eggs. Day 89

We went to a local restaurant called "Back in the Day Cafe." The whole restaurant is decorated to look like a town square that resembles Midland "back in the day." It even has George W. Bush's childhood home:

You are encouraged to share your meal because the portions are huge! I finally found a place who has chicken-fried-steak that rivals this restaurant that used to exist in Pflugerville, "Charlie's." My grandma always took us grandkids there because they had really good deals.

Day 90

Happy Easter! After months of practicing for the Easter musical and preparing the preschool choir, I ended up in the nursery. I was completely fine with that because I got to hold a lot of cute babies in poofy pastel-colored dresses.

We got to explore some of Stanton today.

No, you are not looking at a haunted house. This is an old German Carmelite monastary built in 1882.

This is another historical landmark across from the monastary, called the "Connell House." It was originally a two room home for Carmelite priests and the first building in Stanton.

Stanton also has a really cool historical downtown complete with a soda shop. I am looking foward to getting some ice cream and reminiscing about a time before I was born.

Day 91

Today we had a celebration for the staff who were born in March and April. It's funny how people feel like they need to make an excuse or joke for indulging in whatever goodies are set out. I had a fun time watching people while I ate my lunch and explained for the hundredth time that I am not a substitute.

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