April 15, 2013

Blog of a Sorehead (99-104)

This week Aaron and I have been playing basketball, and by "playing basketball" I mean shooting hoops, and by "shooting hoops" I mean shooting a flat ball in the general vicinity of the basketball hoop. Most of the time.

Day 99

All of the junior high life skills classes had a "track and field" trip today. The kids raced each other based on their individual levels. They had such a fun time running and cheering for each other. I had a good time meeting other teachers, assistants, and kids. There were so many personalities on that field. I love working with special needs kids.

Day 100

You would think on the hundredth day I would have something a little more exciting than two DVDs. We had some time before church so we went to HEB to buy a water bottle. I am on a healthy kick right now and so I am trying to drink more water. I was looking through the cheap DVDs and thought this was funny: two DVDs next too each other with the title "Duplicity."

Day 101

Because we can't have a real class pet, one of our kids bought this from Cracker Barrel as a substitute.

Day 102

We like to throw parties for the kids on their birthdays. Naturally, I was forgetful and had to pick up a present from Walgreens on my lunch break. The cake was from HEB. So. GOOD!

Day 103

Three times a year, Stanton has as trade day called "Old Sorehead Trade Days." The town has a welcoming sign that says " Welcome to Stanton, home of 3000 friendly people and a few old soreheads." This was my first time going and it was a lot of fun. The booths had everything from local goods, to clothes, to antiques, and very whimsical items such as giant pink flamingos and ketchup phones. There was live music from local musicians, a lot of food to choose from, and a lot of dogs in strollers. I had such a fun time meeting everyone.

Day 104

Today we went to a sandwich shop called "Smiling Moose." They have an amazing salad that they mix together like they are Maggie Moos. It definitely makes eating healthy a little more exciting. Of course I ruined that by drinking a coke and having a Frappuccino for dessert.

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