March 25, 2013

The Cat Who Hates Walking (Day 78-84)

I can't promise that these pictures are in order but I can promise that these all happened this week. It's my blog I can forget what happened on what date if I wanted to.

Day 78

The teacher I am an assistant for is pregnant and is due in a couple of weeks. The other assistant has been making "diaper babies" for all pregnant staff of the school I work at, there are a lot! The "diaper baby" is made of diapers, clothes, and a pacifier.

Day 79

One of our kids from our preschool choir says he is going to be an artist when he grows up. To prove he has potential and that he is going to make it, he drew us a dragon. We call him "Trogdor."

Day 80

This is a learning tool we use on one of our kids. It teaches cause/ effect and encourages her to practice gripping. Basically, she pushes a button and the radio turns on. When she lets go it stops playing.

Day 81

Look who drove me to school! She had an appointment to visit her vet so we decided to carpool. She is a very excellent driver, except when we find mailmen. She can't stop following them.

Day 82

The cat who can play fetch is not the cat who likes to go out on walks. That's right folks, we attempted to take the cat on a walk. Because we moved out into the wilderness, we don't feel comfortable letting the cat outside on his own like we would in the suburbs. We found out he would rather be stuck indoors than to be dragged on the ground outside. Lucy came as close to laughing a dog could at Barney. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Who knew cats don't like leashes?

Day 83

Today is the second Sunday Aaron and I have been leading worship at the church. We got to meet the choir members and have choir practice with them after a hearty meal. We explored the town some and then came back to go to evening service and have another choir practice at my in-laws' church. Let's just say I am as tired as this puppy looks.

Day 84

Thanks to this time change, we are up before the sun rises and go to bed before the sun sets. What are we, farmers?

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