March 11, 2013

Love Ya Nation (64-70)

As promised in a post a while back, I have found my wedding slideshow! We have also found a new temporary home until Aaron's parents find a more permanent location. We are staying in missionary housing at a baptist encampment and there is no internet there so I will try to put the slideshow in the "about me" page either this week or next week. So check it out! It includes cute videos of me and my husband when we were little ones.

Day 64

To make up for my lack of an interesting day, here is an embarrassing video of me skydiving for my eighteenth birthday. Do I deliver, or what?

Day 65

Today was a very tough day in general. We had kids misbehaving left and right and I am pretty sure I have used up the entire week's supply of patience today. Aaron being a really sweet guy let me pick the restaurant we ate at so we went to Fazoli's. We always end up sitting at the same booth no matter what Fazoli’s we are at. We ate at that booth when we had a crush on each other and I guess we just like to keep the tradition.

Day 66

Meet our new neighbors, at least for three weeks. Aaron's parents have connections to the head of Circle Six, which is a Baptist encampment in Stanton. They are letting us stay in missionary housing for at least three months, or whenever we find a place to live.

Day 67

Will work for play. One of the teachers I work with his head of concessions at the Midland Community Theatre so Aaron and I agreed to sell food for free tickets to Shrek. We can't really afford to see plays because the tickets are usually $26 a pop. Aaron and I used to work together at this family entertainment center so it was fun to work together again. Intermission was crazy. It felt like one of those cartoons where the crowd is waving money in the air and you are just throwing food at them.

Day 68

Sorry for the pictures of drinks. I had a plan of what picture I wanted to take, I just completely forgot! Aaron and I had an interview at a church today. I am so excited to say that it went really well! We have been asked to come back and lead worship for the next couple of Sundays as a trial basis and they will see from there if they want to hire us or not. I always compare our involvement with churches as a dating relationship. And yes, it is getting pretty serious.

Day 69

Lucy has a thing for shoes, specifically her grandmother's slippers; therefore, grandma got her a treat in the shape of a shoe. I am sure this will deter her from chewing on shoes in the future. Oh well, it kept her occupied all afternoon.

Day 70

Today Aaron and I woke up early to move most of our stuff into storage and the rest into our new "temporary" home at the Baptist encampment.

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