March 4, 2013

I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World (57-63)

This week Aaron and I went home for our niece's sixth birthday. I didn't get the websites up yesterday because we are traveling so I am hoping to get that up later tonight.

Day 57

Every morning I have the same routine at school. One of my objectives is something I dread. Freshmen get dropped off at our school to get picked up from another bus. They aren't supposed to be in the building, but can be in the foyer when it is cold. I have to wait for the buses to drop off my kids so guess who gets to enforce the rules. I feel like I have to say the same phrase every day and I get called some variation of the same name everyday.

Day 58

After church, the landlord informed us that they decided to sell the house. Without boring you with a lot of details, we have a short amount of time to find a place to live. The landlord is coming Friday to check out the house so we are scrambling to get the house clean before Aaron and I leave for Round Rock after I get off work on Thursday. Life loves to throw you curveballs, doesn't it?

Day 59

Last week was half of my family's birthdays, seperated by a day of two. I wanted to go home to celebrate with them but I didn't get payed until this week so I had to put it off. Aaron and Lucy picked me up after school and we stopped in Abilene to pick up some used baby stuff from one of my really good friends to give to my sister-in-law and brother. We got to my parent's house around midnight and went straight to bed.

Day 60

I spent all day setting up a mini party for my niece. She loves Barbies so I baked her a barbie cake. Here is a close up; I am pretty proud of this thing:

Day 61

The intention of today was to go shopping for some baby stuff for my not-yet-born niece. What ended up happening was us driving around aimlessly while I was giving directions. Both Aaron and I are awful at reading, telling, writing, and listening to directions. We finally got to our destination. That's when my ditsy self realized it would have saved a lot of frustration if I clicked the "directions to" button on the map rather than trying to interpret the stupid thing. Technology is only useful if you click the right buttons.

Day 62

We had planned on going to a kite festival in Austin but after fighting traffic for an hour I actually muttered the words "I wish I was in Midland." I think this officially makes me a West Texan. How did this happen? Sorry Austin, I am no longer a conservative hippie.

Day 63

Today was actually pretty good! I didn't have to yell at freshmen when I first got there (some other teacher already took care of it) and my first period class with the general ed kids was actually pretty calm, even though there was a sub. We also took the kids out on their bikes today! We have three or four tricycles outside our classroom and I was looking foward to finally using them. The kids have so much fun and it is a good excuse to get out of the classroom.

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