February 25, 2013

The One Where I Confess That I am a Vandal(50-56)

Day 50

No, you are not looking at El Chupacabra. This poor little thing had to get two baths in one day. Not only does she like to dig, it was also raining. So the puppy formally known as "Snow" by the shelter we adopted her from looked more like mud. Don't you love the look she is giving the camera? She knows how to play it up already.

Day 51

Every week we have a different coloring page that introduces the stories we talk about in our Preschool choir. It is funny because Aaron HATED coloring when he was that age. In fact, that was his kindergarten teacher's only complaint about him. By the way, his fine motor skills could be a lot better if he would have not been a rebellious six years old.

One of our regular kids brought her little sister with her. I think her little sister is barely four. I made instant friends with her because I agreed to call her whatever she requested. It was good I had her on my side from the very beginning because she is a fire cracker. I had to constantly change the subject because she was bringing up conversations of death and destruction. She also kept moving her chair closer and closer to the door and tried to lock herself in the bathroom. Of course, she couldn't reach the light switch so her mission wasn't very successful.

Day 52

Look who came to pick me up! We overslept this morning by thirty minutes and I couldn't find my keys; therefore, the rest of the day I felt completely rushed and out of sorts. I did get the opportunity to be driven and picked up by my husband- and Lucy, in the afternoon. We are working on her car rides. We are driving to Austin next week to celebrate my dad's, brother's, and niece's birthday next week so I am hoping the five hour drive won't be too much of a disaster.

Day 53

First period, some of our kids go to general-ed classes. The other assistant goes with the students who go to art and I go with one who goes to a Human Services class. I never heard about it but it is a class that talk about different jobs that deal with people. The other assistant wasn't here today so I went over to art. They need more help over there because the general-ed kids are nuts and most of our kids are in that class. They art class was learning about the importance tracing and my kids insisted I do one. So here is a tractor I traced with me driving it. Yeah, I have already accepted the fact that art is not my forte.

Day 54

Knowing that we are going to my parents' house in the country next week, we decided we needed to start training Lucy with a leash. We went to one of our favorite places in Midland--the duck pond. Lucy did so well! There were a lot of dogs and toddlers and ducks, of course. She did not bark once. She got better and better on the leash the longer we were there. I am looking forward to whenever we take her to a real trainer. She has a lot of potential to grow into great dog from a sweet puppy.

Day 55

We usually go to this one Mexican food restaurant every Sunday, Usually I am the one requesting this. They have these stuffed chicken medallions that I crave all week. We went today but it was going to take forty-five minutes so we decided to go to another restaurant. They told us it would take thirty minutes. It was really an hour for us to be seated and our half our food was overcooked. I know I am being picky. They were really busy and I am sure there were worse tempered costumers. It was just a little disappointing knowing I was missing those Medallions for a burnt hamburger.

Every day when I drove home from school I saw evidence for a carnival so Aaron and I decided to go today. It was pretty small but we still had fun. I love anything that resembles "small town"- carnivals, rodeos, parades etc... We only road the Ferris Wheel and we were too full to eat any junk food but we had fun walking around and people watch. Carnival rides freak me out more than regular amusement parks. I think I have seen "Are You Afraid of the Dark" one too many times.

Day 56

In case you were wondering, it is not a good idea to put tape on white board. No one has asked me about it. I wonder if this is considered "destruction of school property." Oh gosh, I am a vandal.

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