February 11, 2013

Bringing Home Lucy(36-42)

Well, I guess this blogger needs to be honest every once in a while. I typically work on my blog every day; however, I had a really hard time finding motivation. The good thing about doing a 365 days of pictures challenge is it forces you to blog every week. Any kind of challenge is a good one in my book. If you haven't checked out the blog babble page, check it out! I update it every sunday.

Day 36

The school I work at celebrates the teachers' birthdays of that month by providing a spread of sweets. I eat in the teacher's lounge by myself everyday. It is usually a tumbleweed short of a ghost town but today I saw teachers I have never seen before. I don't think I saw any of the teachers with the actual birthdays but I still celebrated... a lot!

Day 37

This blog either features food or hands. Well, here is a picture of my naked hand. This is a very scandalous blog. My ring I got sautered in June fell fell apart while we were leading PreK choir. I have always had a ring on that finger- a purity ring since I was sixteen and then I switched it out with my engagegement/ wedding ring. It will be a week until I can get it back. I'll just have to remember I am married without it.

Day 38

The animal shelter we visited on Saturday told us a litter of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes would be ready to pick up on Thursday. When Aaron went there, no one was there. I look on their facebook page and fifteen minutes after they were suppose to open, they said that they were no longer going to be open on Thursdays. I was so worried we were not going to be able to pick up our puppy. They wouldn't let us get on a waiting list because some people don't show up and then the dogs don't get adopted. I just knew if they didn't let us adopt today, all the dogs would be picked up by the time we got there on Friday. After Aaron called eleven times, they finally picked up the phone. My knight in shining honor convinced them to let us adopt today. He picked the smallest of the litter, formally known as Snow but now known as Lucy. I am just in love with this puppy. I guarantee most of this blog is going to be dedicated to this little ball of fluff.

Day 39

We go out to eat a lot on weekends. Today we went to a Mexican restuarant where only one person working there spoke English. It was awesome. The rest of the night was spent watching movies on Netflix. I am pretty sure Netflix should make a the list of "most amazing ideas." If that list doesn't exist, then it should. That's an amazing idea!

Day 40

Earlier we bought a bag of apples that didn't turn out to be very crisp, so I decided to make some kind of dessert with it. I found this cake recipe, which I can no longer find. If you are interested, I can at least give you the measurements.

Day 41

As it turns out, cat food and grass do not make a good combination for this puppy. Making a mess in her crate and our bed, it was decided she needed a bath after she got better. She proved she is not really a fan of bathing by shaking the whole time and repeatedly attempting to escape. The good news is that Lucy's fur dries really fast and is even softer than it was before. Also, she doesn't smell horrible.

Day 42

Whenever I started student-teaching one of the teachers asked me if I drank. After I said "no," she replied that I will be the end of it. She was right, but not with alcohol. Any time I have a stressful day, I end up at Sonic. My kids hardly ever stress me out. It is when I am around general ed students. I had to send two students to the office today and yell at several others. It is such a weird feeling being on the opposite side of the desk. I am now the man. Figuratively speaking of course.

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