January 1, 2013

I Have a Dream to be a Trekkie

I welcomed the New Year in with an upset stomach so my plans to make a blog-post failed. That being said, I have made two New Year's resolutions because I am not original.

1) Lose weight. I know it's not orignial but that is because New Years is a time when we finally leave our grandparents' houses feeling like we just barely escaped a diabetic coma with all of the abundance of food and sweets provided. It is also a time when you are around family members who are polite enough to tell you how much weight you have gained since college (and the wedding).

2) Do a 365 days of pictures blog-post. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, you take a picture everyday and blog about it. So far I have failed at this but who said you have to start on January 1? My goal is to blog about this once a week. This will keep me blogging more, which I know all of you tens of people are very thankful for.

3) Become a Sci-Fi nerd. Don't question me, but I have a true desire to become a trekkie. I have yet to watch more than two episdoes.

That being said, I hope you ate your black-eyed peas today. If you have not, live long and prosper anyway.

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