January 21, 2013

Les Mis: Starring Colonel Sanders (15-21)

Day 15

Pardon me while I quote lines from Roxanne.

"Excuse me. Is that a nose or did a bus park on your face?"
"You know, you could de-emphasize your nose if you wore something larger... like Wyoming."

"When you stop to smell the flowers, are they afraid?"

Okay, enough with the puns. They stink!

I always have the strangest thoughts when I first wake up. For example, today I was putting my war-paint on (that's what my grandpa called make-up) and I couldn't stop staring at my nose. For some reason, it looked a lot different than I remembered. At first I thought my nose grew over night. Then I remembered that your nose and ears are constantly growing, so I concluded that my nose grew significantly faster over night. I finally woke up Aaron to see if he noticed a change in my honker. Because he's used to the way my brain works, he took it in stride.

One morning, I was looking for something, got my foot caught in the laundry hamper, and proceeded to fall flat on my face. I didn't make a sound. Just laid there. I was fine; my coordination skills are just off.

There is a reason I wake up two hours before I am supposed to be at school.

Day 16

Being our second week of leading preschool choir, we were a lot more prepared. Aaron didn't like the material provided and came up with music that actually taught basic skills. He did an amazing job today! They learned about high and low sounds and used examples of animal sounds leading it. The kids had fun imitating frogs, birds, dog growls, puppy barks, and a wolf's howl. It is a learning process for both of us on what is the best way to teach preschool choir, but I am so impressed with what he is doing with them. They are learning basic music skills, valuable lessons from the Bible, and songs that are appropriate for their age.

After preschool choir, we upgrade to adult choir. There are usually two accompanists. One plays the bass cleff and the other plays the treble on two separate pianos. Well one was sick today, so I volunteered to be the other accompanist. I wouldn't have had the guts to do that two years ago. I am glad I had the opportunity to be the pianist at the church Aaron was a music minister at in Abilene. They were very loving and patient with all of my goofs and mistakes as I learned to play in front of people. It was a great first church for Aaron and I to be a part of as a couple and quickly became our home away from home. We love seeing them every time we are in Abilene.

Day 17

The men of the household went to sing in a "Singing Men of West Texas" concert so me and my mother-in-law went out to eat and get much needed manicures and pedicures. I always feel I should bring an apology note for the awful condition of my hands and feet. My mother-in-law has made friends with one of the beauticians and has even gotten her to come to her church pretty regularly. While we were talking with her, one of the daughters of another employee came up. We found out that she was in kindergarten and knew all of the numbers. We even taught her a "knock knock" joke.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Banana who?


Knock knock
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

I am sure you have heard that joke before but remember, everyone has to hear it for the first time at some point in their lives and today was this girl's special day. The rest of the time there, she would do her own version of the joke.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Orange who?

Orange you glad you don't have to say who's there anymore?

That joke is pretty clever for a kindergartener. She agreed with me. She said that joke several times to us and then to a new customer who came in.

After my nails were finished, they placed me in a dark corner with a drying table to dry all my freshly painted nails. Strangly, the first song that came to my mind was "Macho Macho Man." I used to think it was "Nacho Nacho Man" thanks to an old commercial. It was hard for me to stay awake, being in a warm, dark corner with the sound of the low air dryer going on in the background. It was only 7:45 but I was ready for bed.

Day 18

Because the only thing we had to cook for dinner was fish, it was decided that it would be better to go out to eat. We ventured to Odessa and ate at Golden Corral. It was my first time to eat there and was pleasently surprised by most of the food offered there. Ironically, I tried eating the fried fish and it was as good as you could expect from a place called "Golden Corral."

We then went to the movies and watched "Les Miserables". I kept trying to fall asleep but Aaron wouldn't let me. Working full-time can easly turn anyone into an old lady or gent. Despite the fact that some woman still didn't know that phones have the "silent" or "power off" button,the inner drama geek girl in me was blown away. Did anyone else notice that Colonel Sanders made an appearance in the movie as the grandfather of Marius?

Day 19

After eating some grilled cheese sandwhiches and Caldo Xochitl ,we went to the "grand opening" for Midland's Wildlife Preserve. The trail was really well made. Part of it was a boardwalk and they had various bird blinds around the park. Besides a few ducks and a couple of butterflies, we didn't really see any wildlife. We did see some tracks and it was fun to guess what animals they belonged to. Pretty much all my guesses were either a dog or cat, depending on the size. Clearly I am not as out-doorsy as I claim to be.

Day 20

Aaron and I made a quick trip to Abilene to lead music at the church we were at in college. They are short a music minister so every once in a while we fill in for them. I mentioned them before in this post and I will probably mention them a million more times throughout this blog experience. We consider them our "Abilene family," you know, besides Aaron's actual family and my long lost birth cousin. Here is a video of Aaron singing "He's Been Faithful" by Carol Cymbala.

Day 21

Today was my first teacher workday. The plan was for me to gather a bunch of materials together for some lessons after we had a meeting in the morning. The teachers had meetings all day so it was going to be just me and the other teacher assistant. The science list took me all morning and I was planning on finishing the rest in the afternoon. As it turns out, they needed the list of goals for each student in their meeting (which was what I was using). Because I had to be there until 4pm, I decided to organize and santitize everything. I was a lot more tired today than I am when kids are there.

The school seemed like a ghost town. The general ed teachers had their own meeting in the cafeteria, and there were only a couple of lights on in the hallway. I definately soaked in the peace and quite before the hallways are once again filled with teenage angst and body odor.

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