January 7, 2013

Giant Snowflakes (1-7)

I have made some improvements to the blog! My goal is to have several pages besides the blog; right now I have added an "about me" page. I also have a "subscribe by email" link for those of you who don't have a blogger account but still want to be informed everytime I post. This is for you, grandma.

Today starts the 365 days of photography project. I am calling it "365 days of camera phone" because I am not going to pretend I am a photogrpaher. If this sounds fun but you don't have a blog account, here is a link to a website devoted to the project. Click me!

Day 1

I have a feeling most of my pictures are going to be about food. One of the first things I ever learned about Aaron is his love for Hamburger Helper's beef stroganoff. There is also "favorite soup" and premade chicken pot pie. That one does require putting his initial in the pie. His taste for simple food makes cooking easy for this newlywed; although, I do make him try some "fancy" food as I experiment in the kitchen. I will say that I am very blessed with a man who is willing to help or cook when I don't feel like that. Ladies, I found a winner!

Day 2

That's me on top of the roof! Getting in touch with my "inner Grinch", I was taking off the Christmas lights I put up a month ago. I take credit for inspiring the rest of the block to bring out their decorations. I wonder how many lights will survive until the next year. I want to know how that happens. When you put up the lights, all of them work. You take them out the next year and half the strand is dead. I could understand if they were plugged in and just burned. Seriously, if someone has an answer, don't leave me in the dark (pun intended).

I did have a nice man come offer to help. I had asked Aaron to bring the ladder to the other side. The gate to get in the backyard from the side doesn't open all the way, thanks to West Texas wind, so Aaron had to throw the ladder over the fence and walk around. When he did that, it appeared that the ladder fell over and I was stuck on the roof, so a nice man pulled over and offered to set up the ladder for me. I sometimes take for granted the friendliness of people from the south.

Day 3

First snow of the year! Why is it so difficult to take pictures of it snowing? It was snowing a lot harder than it appears in the picture. Wilson A. Bently was the first person to take a picture of a snowflake, so to make up for that awful picture, here is a picture of the first snowflake photographed.

Man, snowflakes were a lot bigger in 1885.

Day 4

So far, half of my pictures have been of food. We went to IHOP for dinner in Odessa and the waitress was having a hard time getting our order right. I always feel bad when waiters/waitresses struggle. I was a waitress at T.G.I.Fridays for a short period of time and I was just awful at it. Every day I worked I was surprised I didn't get fired. It wasn't that I was rude, I just always seemed to mess up people's orders no matter how hard I tried. So please tip your server. I may just be incompetent but it is not easy.

Day 5

No, you are not looking at Bill Cosby's sweaters. It's Aaron's baby clothes! I always have a fun time going through people's memorabilia and putting the pieces together that make up who they are. Once I find it, I am going to try to put our wedding rehearsal slideshow that I spent forever on. It has some old pictures and videos of me and Aaron.

Day 6

Church day! We accidentally matched. We are slowly turning into that couple who wear matching jog suits. Except in our situation, we would wear it to lounge around the house, not to actually jog.

Day 7

Beauty standards are getting thinner and thinner.

I was hired as an assistant teacher in a resource class and school started today. The last I heard from the school district was that they were doing a background check on me. I assumed that they were going to call to have me sign a contract. They never did so I assumed, again, that they were going to call me sometime this week since they were not open last week. I also assumed that I couldn't start work until I signed a contract. Well, the whole saying that goes with "assuming" something did apply to me.
I unintentionally skipped my first day on the job. After getting that call, Aaron and I went shopping for some teacher clothes. That's where the skeleton comes in. I didn't read the sign so I am not really sure what a skeleton was doing around cosmetics in a department store.

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