December 20, 2012

All I want for Christmas is an Overpriced House.

I have come to the conclusion that my maturity level has not risen since I was eight years-old. That is not including the hormonal growing pains all teenagers (and those around them) have to put up with. There were two things I was focused on that no child that age would typically share. 1)I started being concerned with what kind of parent I would be. Not with my baby dolls, but with my actual children that still exist only in the relatively distant future. I could continue with this, but I want to take this post in a different direction. 2)I was obsessed with decorating. I loved all the interior/exterior home design shows. I hated (still do) clothes shopping but I could spend hours in Pier 1, World Market, and Hobby Lobby. I would clip cool rooms out of my "American Girl" magazine and my mom's "Better Homes and Gardens." That being said, here is my dream house, or the best I could do through Google images.
As every Realtor in every movie ever says, "location, location, location." This is the ideal setting for my house. I have always wanted to live on a lake surrounded by trees and mountains and this is probably the closest thing I have in my mind about what that looks like.
How awesome would it be to have a fireplace in your bathroom? Add a stereo system and an endless supply of hot water and I would be in heaven. The only thing I don't like about this specific bathroom is the modern design of the fireplace.
Okay, I realize that this doesn't really go with the mountain cabin theme I have going, but this is my dream house. Okay, here is a bedroom that actually goes with the theme. Although I am not a fan of all the white, I love the windows and fireplace. I would be totally fine with the library being the biggest room in the whole house.
I have always liked the idea of having a retro kitchen; however, I would much rather have a kitchen like this in my mansion of a home. How cool of an entrance would this be to a kid's playroom? I think this is something I could realistically do for them. How cool would it be to have a castle in your playroom??
Of course, you need a stylish way to travel in between the first and second floors.
It would be impossible to get your kid to sleep when there is a swing in their room. This is the perfect living room. The browns make it so homey and the large windows let you enjoy the view.
Of course all of these rooms have to be held by an actual house. You know, Christmas is coming up...

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