July 27, 2015

Vacation part 3

#42 Tuesday

We said our "goodbyes" to Albuquerque (I am never confident when spelling that word) and headed toward Santa Fe. We took a shuttle from White Rock to the Bandelier National Monument where we explored Pueblo ruins. One of the coolest things we saw were the cave dwellings. The cliff was made of volcanic tuff so it was easy to carve homes into the cliffs. Such an indescribable feeling to be around that much history.

#43 Wednesday

On Wednesday, we explored the plaza of Santa Fe. There were so many shops and museums. We definitely didn't see all of it. Let's just call it a future goal. About once a month, Santa Fe hosts "music on the hill" where they invite a band to play. This picture is deceiving because we were not that close. We ate at a delicious Salvadoran restaurant and then my phone failed to give us proper directions. In fact, the only time it located us was when it informed us that we reached our destination. It took all the credit for my work of reading a map old school! Long story short, we were an hour late to the concert so we were way in the back by the porter potties. It was still fun, the band was a fun latino band and it was fun to watch all the little kids running around. 

#44 Thursday 

Now Aaron and I are planners. Both of our jobs required it. However, when we tried to be spontaneous and go white-water-rafting, all the spots were full until the next week. Instead we went to the art district. I am sure the people who were selling the art took one look at our twenty-something, tshirt and shorts cladded selves and said, well they aren't buying anything. We arrived earlier than some of the places were open (man, artsy types don't like to wake up early) so we missed some places. Actually we missed a lot of places because there are a ton of art galleries and we got our fill after seeing about half of them. 

We went to a roadhouse featured on Diners Drives-ins and Dives. Note to self, to recieve a $34 lobster, one must make reservations one week in advance. Afterward, we went back to the plaza where they were having a couple of bands playing. It was so fun to watch people dance. I mean, there were some adults who decided they didn't need no partner and just let the music flow through them (I am sure no substances aided in that decision). There were also street musicians on the sidewalk surrounding the plaza. When we went to "powder my nose" we saw a street magician who used Aaron's college ring in a magic trick

#45 Friday 

On our way back to Seagraves, we stopped in Santa Rosa to find a blue hole. The water was cold and clear. It was so clear, that underneath the step the built on the natural ledge looked like it was about five feet away, when it really about twenty. Keep that in mind when I say that because the pool is eighty-one feet deep, it looked black. I decided to go for it and jumped off a cliff into the black abyss, where scuba divers were doing their thing. I don't think I've ever swam so fast. It is rather unnerving to be swimming over something that deep and dark (and cold).

#46 Saturday 

Reunited and it feels so good! While we were on vacation, this baby substitute was with her grandma and grandpa. She was spoiled by being walked everyday so we decided to keep it up.

#47 Sunday 

Nope, that suitcase is not me being to lazy to unpack. It is me repacking. After doing all the laundry on Saturday, I had to repack because I am traveling to Round Rock to spend time with my family. I have to leave Aaron behind because the rest of the world doesn't get vacation days like teachers. Unless you are Samantha Brown. I wish I was Samantha Brown. 


On my way home to see my folks, I stopped in Abilene to see my sweet friend, Kayla and her kiddos. I am so glad we got there at around 11:30 because that place fills up fast with young families! As Kayla put it, not a whole lot of places have playgrounds.

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