July 7, 2015

Horseshoes Are Dangerous

Day #22 Tuesday

We have had our third week of small group for young adults and I have been loving it. I love having a time of openness and vulnerability with couples I trust. We have been taking turns as to whose house hosts it and today's was Ashley's and Scott's. Their kids loved giving us a tour of their house and pets and we had a great time discussing "I Am A Church Member" by Thom Rainer.

Day #23 Wednesday

Aaron and I watched this really good movie called "The Secret of Roan Inish." It is an film from Ireland and has an Irish folklore feel.

#24 Thursday

My in-laws are going on an Alaskan cruise so we are cat-sitting for them. Barney is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. He isn't sure what to do with our dog who has no sense of boundaries.

#25 Friday

Volleyball is my favorite sport to play. We went to Lubbock to buy a tag for Barney (we are not going to lose someone elses cat) and we found this volleyball net for $20. I guess you get what you paid for because after about an hour of setting up, the first time the ball hit the net, the plastic poles cracked and fell. We still hit the volleyball back and forth until it got too dark to see. People were setting off fireworks so we had a ball (no pun intended).

#26 Saturday

We are going on a road trip that includes some camping in the next week or so and we wanted to test out our camping gear. In addition to adding things to our list of what we needed for the trip, we roasted hotdogs on our portable grill, ran through the sprinklers as we tested how waterproof the tent is,  mended the tent where it tore from the last windstorm, and listened to a station on Pandora that was made specifically for backyard grilling.

Later that night, we were invited to watch fireworks with Scott and Ashley's family. Scott's mom is our neighbor and they always celebrate fourth of July together so we didn't have to travel far to set off fireworks with them.

#27 Sunday

We had a family picnic after church and it was a great success. I loved seeing all the kids playing and I even attempted playing horseshoes. And by playing horseshoes, I mean throwing horseshoes at peoples' heads because I have no aim.

#28 Monday

I didn't take any pictures. I didn't even put my blog up yesterday.

#29 Tuesday

We hosted small group at our house again. It is a great excuse to clean my house and my dog is a great babysitter!

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