July 13, 2015

It's Okay, I Make Lamb

#30 Wednesday


Merry Christmas! Oh, I'm a little early? All over the world, music ministers and their families get to experience Christmas for six months.
#31 Thursday


Aaron and I celebrated the passing of a quarter of my life by going to a museum at Texas Tech and eating Greek food. We were having such a good time at the museum that we didn't realize how long we had been there. Eating Greek food is a rare occurrence, meaning this is the first time I ever made Aaron eat it. We had a good time eating gyros and quoting every "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" line we could think of.

We then went to Joyland, an amusement park, and unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that. My phone was about to die and I didn't want to risk taking it with me on a lot of rides. The last time I went to Joyland was on a mission trip about ten years ago. It reminds me of a sedentary carnival. Our favorite rides were the water slides and we rode those several times. There was one waterslide where you road what looked like a cafeteria tray down a steep drop. Almost lost Aaron on that one.

#32 Friday

Aaron went to work. I didn't do anything. I was so exhausted by turning another year older I recovered by staring at a tube full of flashing lights and sound while trying to combine my molecules with a bigger, softer object.

#33 Saturday

I finally motivated myself to weed my herb garden. Half the battle was figuring out what was a weed and what was an herb. My nose was a great tool in that effort. The other half of the battle was it started raining big, fat, heavy, drops. I am so tired of weeds.
#33 Sunday 

Aaron's parents finished their cruise to Alaska and came to our church on Sunday. I am sorry this is a blurry picture. Although I am a twenty-something girl with a camera, I refuse to claim I am a photographer. After church we ate some pot-roast and looked at pictures from their trip. I think it is going to take twenty years of convincing my weak-stomached husband to go on a cruise.

#34 Monday
I could not go to sleep! No matter how still I laid, how comfortable I was,  and how tired I was, it just wasn't going to happen. So I gave up, and took important quizzes to determine what objects/ animals best represent me. Here is what I discovered: if I was a Disney cat, I would be Simba; based on my dessert preferences, my personality is traditional??; the Malcolm in the Middle brother I am is Jamie; and the "To Kill A Mockingbird" character I am is Scout Finch 

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