August 3, 2015

My Minions

#49 Tuesday 

Today I got to hang out with my sweet nieces. We brought the kiddie pool out and Elizabeth and I had fun playing with little water squirters. Afterward, we had hamburgers. My mom, Roxie, and I road on the golf cart while Keeper and Elizabeth raced us on foot. Of course, we stopped at Nonnie's house to get animal cookies (Keeper included). 

#50 Wednesday 

Mom and I were going shopping for my birthday when we received a call that UPS was there to deliver a package. I guess he didn't want to drive down our dirt road so my Nonnie met him in the neighborhood next over with her gator. I wonder how city people get their deliveries?

#51 Thursday 

In the morning my Nonnie and I ate our traditional breakfast at IHOP. In the afternoon, Elizabeth, Savannah, and I went to go watch the Minions movie while Roxie and her Mimi hung out.
Super cute movie, especially when you have an eight-year old giggling next to you.

 #52 Friday 

We had a full house for dinner. My sweet family came in to see me. We had prime rib, baked potato, salad, berry cobbler, and ice cream. In other words, we all wanted to go into a food coma afterwards. Except my nieces. They wanted to go swimming and keep eating. Oh, to be young again.

#53 Saturday 

My dad usually gets us breakfast tacos when we are in town because he knows how much we love them. It was extra special today because he cooked a special breakfast (and taught me how to make the edges of my pancakes crispy). It was so touching because it was done out of love and specifically for me. Definitely helped my journey back home.

#54 Sunday 

A donut shop opened in our town while I was a way. I know for the city slickers who read my blog, a new business opening isn't a big deal because it happens everyday. Well, for small town living it is a big deal because there aren't a whole lot of places to eat. Aaron saved me a blueberry donut and it was quite delicious.

#55 Monday 

Aaron and I cooked popcorn the old-fashioned way and used our butter olive oil we got from New Mexico.  It was very fun to hear Aaron give me a count for every kernel popped while I was working on the blog. "One, two, three!..."

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