June 22, 2015

Is It Summer, Yet?

Vacation bible school is so exhausting! WHY DID I GIVE UP CAFFEINE?

Day#8 Tuesday

We had our second day of decorating for VBS and it all came together! (whew)  Everyone say a quick prayer for our tree houses to not fall down. However cool they turned out, they are not the most steady of structures.

Day #9 Wednesday

I apologize for my lack of effort in taking decent photos this week...
My assistant director for VBS did a great session of how to lead children to Christ.

Day #10 Thursday

Aaron and I took a quick trip to Lubbock and I obviously had to get giant inflatable boxing gloves!

Day #11 Friday

For the last day of summer school, we played some fun review games. We played a modified version of "Jackpot" with the beach ball. I would call out a vocabulary word and a number of points and if the student caught it and could accurately describe the vocabulary word, they would get those points. I then printed out short comprehension passages and split the class into four groups. The group that showed testing strategies/ the right answers got to have five tries to hit the ball into one of the goals with a putter (I learned what a putter was the night before)

Day #12 Saturday

We had our pool party for VBS registration at the pool and it was a big hit! The party started when the pool closed for the day, so some kids saw what we were doing and decided to stay.

Day #13 Sunday

Crockpot meals are made for Sunday. I threw some ribs in the crock pot Saturday night. When we got home from church, Aaron grilled corn and I cut up some watermelon. After we had a last minute get-together with my in-laws, we grilled steaks and had some of their home-grown green beans.

So, you know, I ate light today.

Day #14 Monday

Being the first VBS I ever lead, I just knew everything was going to run smoothly. I mean, I put enough prep work in, right? Well, after twenty minutes of everything go wrong*, it did run smoothly. So, there.

 *everyone just ignore those twenty minutes

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