June 1, 2015

3 Months of Summer

I had a hard time sending my latest batch of kiddos out the door. They were such a fun group! We all had a weeping session while doing our last high fives/ hugs as they left for the summer. That being said, I decided to honor this summer by doing a daily picture blog. I will most likely post the pictures once a week. Let's kick it off with today's festivities!

Day # 1

Workshop # 1

Aaron and I drove to Lubbock today, as he had a hospital visit and I had my first workshop. Although there is still a debate whether we need three or four workshops this summer, I signed up for six because I am an over-achiever. Just kidding. I have to renew my certification in three years and would like to get my required professional development hours done. I don't think that is the actual name. Totally rocking this teaching thing...

My first workshop was held in Barnes and Nobles. I imagined it was one of those vacations where you have to patiently sit through a four hour sales pitch before going scuba diving. Something I could handle. Because both Aaron and I come from families who are perpetually late, we get everywhere thirty minutes early, today being no exception. I have discovered that I am absolutely in love with the people who go walking around the mall before it opens. I fantisize about hanging out with them and discussing things such as "the good ol' days," and how my generation has too many holes in their jeans and is lazy. You know, the same things all retirement-aged people have been discussing since the beginning of time.

9:00am finally came and I arrived in the upstairs room of Barnes and Nobles, where all the chairs were taken and I had to sit on the floor with all the other late-comers. Except I wasn't late. I just happened to come too early. Somehow, these people came at just the right time for the doors to be unlocked. All these people are part of a secret society where they know just the right time to show up to stuff. Very dull society, but at least they can sit down in chairs...

The workshop included a Barnes and Nobles rep having to scramble to get books because she mixed up workshops and thought we were teachers from the lower elementary, and someone from the service center giving us lesson ideas. I really enjoyed the workshop. I could honestly sit down and discuss books and lesson plans while drinking coffee all day.

During our lunch-break, I listened to an interview at Chic-fil-a. I could predict every question that was going to be asked, thanks to all my work experience in high school and college. Most questions usually consist of some kind of variation of these:

Have you ever worked with someone you didn't get along with? How did you handle that situtation?
What do you pay attention to when you get dressed? 
What do you do for fun? 
Are you someone who likes to do the same things everyday or do you like something with changes and new experiences? 

Besides learning that our Barnes and Nobles rep has never read Harry Potter, I had a great first day of summer. I ended up buying three books and have already finished one today. During the school year, all my money goes to and during the summer, all my money goes toward personal books.

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