June 15, 2015

Bed, Breakfast, Bison

We are out of debt! The government no longer owns us! WE ARE OUT OF DEBT! WE ARE OUT OF...

oh wait... we still have a car payment....

We are in less debt! We have officially paid off our student loans. Now we can stop living like poor college students. Except, I am not sure I can ever get used to that. Oh well, I guess my husband can't complain about having a frugal (cheap) wife.

Day #2

Our air conditioner froze over so Aaron and I had to camp out in the living room, as it was far cooler than our room. My dog kept up the tradition of taking over my spot once I got ready in the morning. Gotta keep up the traditions. 

Day #3 

I went to my last workshop that wasn't online. They gave us a list of technology being presented and we got to go choose where we wanted to go. It was so much fun! Teachers, if you are interested, here is a link to all of the technology that was presented.  

Day #4
With summer school, workshops, and VBS, I probably won't get a real summer break until July. This whole week I have been doing summer school. It is only a couple of hours a day but when I come home I work on online workshops. I signed up for three. Don't ever sign up for an online workshop. They are incredibly time-consuming. I finished my last one today and there was much rejoicing. 
Day #5
 Get ready for a lot of pictures for this one...
Aaron's and my anniversary is on the 16th. What I didn't know when I was planning my wedding was that June is an incredibly inconvenient time for a teacher to try to throw an anniversary celebration in there, despite it being summer. Aaron still found a time for us to have a special get-away and the best part of it is.. I didn't have to help plan! (Very convenient words for a teacher). 
When Aaron got off work at noon, we headed out towards the Panhandle. Our first romantic spot was at a Barbeque joint in a convenient store. Now this may not sound romantic, but I love hidden treasures. This restaurant is located in Dickens, Tx and was featured in Texas Monthly as the best barbeque around this area. Texas Monthly. We got there a couple hours after lunch, so we missed the ribs, but what we did have was really good. 

Our next stop was in Matador, Tx at a quaint bed and breakfast called the Hotel Matador. 

Ignore the dirty window of our car...

 We stayed in their nicest room, which was once an icecream palor and barber shop (not at the same time.)  "Sweet hair, man." I apologize for that fail of a pun but it took me forever to come up with that. 

The shower had four heads! I felt like I was in a car wash. It was awesome! 

Isn't the bathroom gorgeous? The jacuzzi bath would be worth the trip alone. 

Day #5


It wouldn't be a bed and breakfast without the breakfast, and it delivered! The table setting was so special. It reminded me of when my parents made me go to a "princess camp." I went kicking and screaming but ended up loving it. They taught us the basics: manners, setting a table, decorating a cake. We modeled clothes at Kholes and went to a restaurant to have high tea. I was glad I finally got to use these but I didn't feel too glamorous as I was dressed to go hiking. Oh well, girls need to know how to put on mascara as well as roll around in the mud. 

We were afraid rain was going to foil our plans to go to Caprock Canyon. We went to Turkey, Tx to wait it out. It was listed on Buzzfeed's "14 Tiny Texas Towns That are Totally Worth The Trip" We went to look at the Bob Will's museum. It was closed, but we found another local museum. The people working it were a cute elderly couple. The town is quaint and we are definitely coming back for one of their festivals. 

We went ahead to the canyon and I am so glad we did. It was absolutely beautiful! "Hay sierras debajo de los llanos" (there are mountains below the plains) was a common phrase used by early Mexican travelers who crossed the area. What a great way to describe it. It was incredible to be driving where you saw nothing but flat land and all of a sudden there would be a change in scenery. 

The canyon is also home to the Texas State Bison Herd, which were brought back from near extinction. They roam wild so we didn't get to see them, but maybe next time.

Day #6

We definitely took advantage of today being the day of rest.

Day #7

Besides paying off our student loans and teaching summer school in the morning, today was a day dedicated to decorating for VBS. I was so grateful for the people who came out to help. I didn't give them much instruction : "here is some paper and some cloth... make a waterfall." "here is some paper and leaves... make a vine." They far exceeded anything I could have ever come up with! Delegating is awesome! 

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