September 25, 2014

A New Kid in Our Lives

Made you look! I apologize for the deceptive title and for the inevitable rumors that will be running around. There are no little Hills just yet. To explain the attention grabbing title, let's start from the beginning:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth

Okay, maybe not that far back. A couple of weeks ago, Aaron and I had the opportunity to go to our Alma Mater (Hardin-Simmons University) for a worship conference with the Gettys. If you don't know who they are, basically they are the most influential hymn writers of this century. 

In the evening, they had a concert. I say concert, but it was an amazing worship service. They are from Ireland so they had an Irish folk meets bluegrass kind of sound. And no, it was not a strange combination because bluegrass comes from Ireland. 

Anyway, they had a presentation for Compassion International. Basically, they work with children in poverty all over the world. Taken from their website: 

Compassion International is a Christian child development organization dedicated to releasing children from poverty. Our ministry is twofold: We work through local churches to provide child development programs to deliver children from economic, physical, social and spiritual poverty, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. And we speak out for children in poverty – informing, motivating and equipping others to become advocates for children.

Basically what sold me was one of the people in the video that was a sponsored child came out on stage and talked to us about his experience. He talked about how the program gave him hope in a country where there was none. 

We are now supporting a child from Bangledesh with letters, money, and prayer. 

So yes, we have a new child in our lives. He just happens to live in a different country. 

I write this not to brag, but to encourage you to support a child. There are several kids waiting! Their website is for more information.

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