August 27, 2014

Left, Right, Write

Outside of school, here are things I googled today: 

How often do dogs steal rings
While in my home uniform of sweat-pants and naked feet, I hear my husband calling me to check out Lucy's collar to make sure her tags weren't missing. Confused as to why he couldn't look himself, but obliging anyway, I discover a ring connected to her collar. My sweet husband replaced the ring the same dog stole a couple of months ago.

That's right, he liked it so much, he put a ring on it twice. 

Statistics of people who wear their watch on their dominate hand
Last blog-post, I wrote on how, as an introvert, I am very observant. As an observant one, I have noticed that I seem to be the only one who wears a watch on their right-hand. After minutes of searching, I have found that most people wear their watch on their non-dominate hand. So that's why I've been getting all of these judgemental glances aimed towards the old time-keeper...

I hold my pen with my thumb out 
Along with admitting that I can't dress myself properly, I have to admit that I can't hold a pen properly. I hold it with my thumb out and it motions what I am writing. Another way to say this is my thumb wraps around my index finger. It's called an "inefficient grip." I am now convinced that I have poor visual-motor integration.

I guess I am done internetting now. Any longer and I might think my pale skin is a symptom of mad cow disease. 

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