November 4, 2012

How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Smart

It appears that people who are experts in certain fields are never satisfied with whatever new thing comes out. Well for those of you who don't have a vast array of knowledge in anything keep reading. For all of you experts out there, quit reading... I want nothing to do with you.

I guess I have a lot of knowledge in child development since that is what my degree is in; however, no one really wants to hear it. Seriously, experienced teachers or parents are not going to ask a non teacher/ non parent advice in what to do with their kids.

I digress.

To fake having knowledge in any field of your choice, there is a very basic formula. (Choose field+ some new development/ object) negative comment= impressed friends.*

Music- Man, today's music doesn't require much thought.

Education- They aren't teaching these kids the way I was taught. Are they learning anything?

Medicine- Man, today's diseases aren't like they used to be.

Life- This world is just getting worse and worse. Kids didn't behave like this back in my day. (This is not for those who are in their twenties and younger)

So there you have it. A simple way to convince friends, relatives, and strangers that you are well rounded and knowledgable in the ways of the world. You can use this at any reunion, family or school, parties, bar mitzvahs, or lines at grocery stores/ banks. If there is a lull in the conversation, or people aren't annoyed with you enough, here is your formula.

*Please keep use of this formula to a minimum. Side effects may lead to few to no friends.

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