September 19, 2012

Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plain

A couple of weekends ago, the hubs and I were in Oklahoma for an audition/ interview for a church job for Aaron. The ministry is a very unique career choice because not a lot of jobs are given based on how they view the spouse. So there was a lot of pressure on both of us, obviously more on Aaron since he was the one auditioning. The church we are looking at is in Hollis, the same one Aaron's dad was a minister at when Aaron was a little boy. The town is the definition of small town, with one stop light and very few restaurants. We looked around a bit before going to the house we were staying at. Aaron managed to find their old house by finding the football field, which is in walking distance. It's the same house we would be staying in, because it's a parsonage; they're renovating it right now. We stayed at Aaron's former elementary music teacher's house, who went to McMurry, but we won't hold that against her. We had a really fun time talking with her and husband,, and that evening we had dinner with the rest of the search committee. They asked us questions and Aaron did amazing. On Sunday, Aaron lead worship at a church in Altus, the town next over. We really enjoyed our time but for now it's just the waiting game while we wait to hear their decision. Before we left we spent the afternoon with Aaron's aunt who lives in Hollis.

We went straight from Oklahoma to the in-laws on a spontaneous trip. We were grateful for the invitation because it's pretty depressing being in Arlington. I cooked for the family all week and Aaron cleaned so we earned our keep.

I'm actually at peace with our situation. It's all in God's hands so I know whatever happens is for the best.

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