April 1, 2012

I am so giddy right now that birds are following me and mice are making me dresses. I had such a wonderful weekend with my almost-husband. I hate that it is over. The weekend is something I always look forward to and then it goes by in a flash!

I could be on the show The Weekenders... except it doesn't exist... and is a cartoon. I miss that show. I wonder if it's on Netflix. If not I need to add it to my list of things I would want on there such as Boy Meets World and Doug.

This weekend started out by going to this recital dedicated to songs from the Rat Pack. The professor in charge of putting it together said her students didn't know who the Rat Pack was. That better be one one of those things older people like to say to make our generation look stupid or I shall never forgive them.

I thought Aaron and I were going to hang out but his work called and apparently he had a shift he overlooked. Been there, done that. I spent that night watching A Conan O'Brien documentary and King of the Hill as well as working on some homework.

The rest of the weekend we just hung out and did a lot of geocaching. Geocaching is basically a digital treasure hunt where people hide either a small container with valueless trinkets that you swap out or just a log sheet where you write your name and the date you found it. People who aren't geocaching are called muggles and you are supposed to look in a way that doesn't draw attention to yourself. It's hard to be stealth when you are looking around light posts and benches.

Sunday, when we went, we ended up at this beautiful park that we always pass but never go to. It was so picture-book. The kids were playing in the playground, almost everyone had a cute puppy with them, couples sitting on benches, old men reading, and joggers that make you feel bad about yourself. They even had this one area made for prairie dogs and ground squirrels to make there home. That was quite a show because a dog got in and was playing a real-life version of wack-a-mole. A prairie dog would be out of the hole, the dog would get closer with her tail wagging, the prairie dog would make clicking noises to warn others and dart into his hole. Then another prairie dog at the other end of the critter corral would hop out and the game would begin again.

Along with a geocache, we found a kite and a dog chain.

We are already talking about how we are going to do geocaching in Arlington/ Fort Worth. It's such a unique way to learn about the town you live in. I'm excited the adventures of married life. I love that I am marrying someone who loves this mini-adventures as much as I do.

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  1. The Frans Clan loves geocaching. It's much awesomeness, just like you!!!


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