March 18, 2012

Leaving Fifth Grade Behind

I wish I was better at updating this blog. Truth is, between wedding planning and student teaching, this isn't really a top priority for me.

So here is an update on what you have missed since my last post in January. I have finished teaching fifth grade and I am starting kindergarten tomorrow. Today is the last day of Spring Break which should have really been called wedding planning week.

Fifth grade was tough. Not necessarily in planning. I had two different classes I taught so I taught the same things twice in one day. It was more emotionally exhausting than anything else. Most of these students came from a tough family life at home so it was really interesting as to how they would behave that day.

It wasn't hard because of discipline. I was told I am good with classroom management, which is rare in a student teacher. It was more of I wanted to fix each child. It was really hard not to take what they were going through personally. You wanted to be that one person they could feel safe around and doing that for 56 students can take it out of you.

They were sweet students. Although they are getting to the middle school age, they are still children. They still will give you a hug five minutes after they get in trouble from you. Every single one of these students touched me and I hope I made some sort of impact within the six weeks I was with them.

If anything else, I hope they have a better appreciation for Jazz music because of me!

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