August 25, 2012

Jumping Je'Chelsea!

After a summer of taking on qualities of a potato of the couch family, one gets cabin fever. Today I handed Aaron my phone with a list of free things to do in Arlington while making myself presentable to society. That did not include scrubbing myself with steal wool and throwing myself in the microwave (potato humor). We ended up at a Science museum focused on river insects and reptiles. Before we got to the building we took a trail trough some woods that lead us there. Growing up in the country has taught me to always be on alert for snakes., especially of the rattling kind. So while Aaron is enjoying the hike and nature, my eyes do not leave the ground. Naturally, I find a snake in the middle of the trail and, of course, I am in the lead. I jump 10 feet high over the snake leaving my heart with it. Aaron keeps saying it was a lizard but argued it was all tail, in between my hyperventilating. When we get to the museum it ends up being 70% snake and 20% insect. I wish I was as brave as when I was 5.

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