May 22, 2011

::Insert blog title here that makes people yearn to read it so I can get attention::

Right now I am at my parents house. It sucks though because the amount of friends that are home when I am home decreases with each year.

So here I am listening to He and She, on my parents computer. I didn't bother bringing my laptop because like most Seniors in college, all my technology is becoming obsolete.

1) I went to RRCA graduation yesterday. A flood of memories came over me as I remember being in their spot. I had no idea what to except but I was determined to not screw up completely whatever happened. I feel like I am in that same boat again because in 1 year I will be a "grown-up." Meaning I will be cut-off from my parents.

2) What will I do after graduation? Well obviously I will try my darndest to get a teaching position. P.S. No one is allowed to say Goood Luck sarcastically or I will throw cows at you. Plan B, get a full time job (please not retail, please not retail!) Why is college going by so quickly??

3) I have been doing Jillian Michaels Thirty Day Shred. I am on day six and I am just now managing to not walk like an old grandma. Seriously crazy for the legs.

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