October 2, 2010

My Rebuttal

In my last blog post, I titled it "The Beatles Control My Life." Or something like that. Actually I am too lazy to look it up but I am sure it was something along those lines. In short, I take it back. I was watching the History Channel and one show was focusing on Jonestown. You know, the one where a cult committed a mass suicide by drinking cyanide Kool aid. The other show focused on Charles Manson. (Yes the one Marilyn Manson got the Manson part of his stage name from. He got Marilyn from Marylin Monroe. His real name is Bryan Hugh Warner.) That was also really interesting but I fell asleep towards the end so I am not really sure what happened to him. I could look it up but laziness has won the battle yet again. The point to this whole blog, yes there is one, is that Charles Manson was obsessed with the Beatles. He felt that their songs encouraged his belief that there would be a battle between the black and white people, Karma would set it and the black people would take over and then Charles Manson would rule over them. So although I do think the songs of The Beatles were beyond amazing and they changed music, they do not control my beliefs.

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